Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another Sunday Morning at Safeway

I decided on a strategy for today's grocery trip before going. I think one of my bigger problems lately - among the many - has been getting back into the swing of portion control. Even when I'm making tasty homemade stuff that's healthy and low-fat, I have a hard time stopping myself at a reasonable-sized portion. So, I went into the store with the plan of buying more of the prepackaged, small portion light entrees than normal. Of course, the kinds I like weren't on sale, but I bought a bagged salad kit and a bunch of Lean Cuisine pizzas and paninis anyway.

The challenge for me this week will be to actually eat a couple of these for lunch, rather than going out and buying my lunch every day. I've been making fairly good choices at lunch, but it doesn't hurt to save some money and cut back on the amount of food a bit by eating maybe 2 or 3 meals from home.

So, on to the Safeway deals for today:
- Classico spaghetti sauce (don't yell at me, Scotte!) - $2.00, reg $2.99
- South Beach peanut butter cereal bars - $3.79, reg $3.99
- Healthy Choice canned soup - $1.75, reg $2.39
- Barilla pasta, all cuts - $1.00, reg $1.50
- Weight Watchers Smart Ones, assorted - $2.00, reg $2.79 - $3.49
- Jell-O Sugar-Free Pudding Cup 6-packs - $2.50, reg $3.49
- Yoplait Nouriche Smoothies - $1.66, reg $1.99
- Lean Pockets - $2.00, reg $2.75
- Lucerne Non-Fat Yogurt - 50 cents, reg 60 cents
- BEANO! 30 count - $3.99, reg $5.99


ScottE. said...

WHat? What are you talking about???? :o)

Stef said...

Yeah, yeah. Maybe someday I'll make my own sauce, but for now that Classico and Barilla stuff is darn tasty!