Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Been a Good Week

I have stayed on plan all week, and I actually did bring my lunch for several days! I treated myself to a takeout dinner last night, but it was still all good stuff, sushi and tom yum soup. I've been feeling more hungry this week, but that's a good sign that I'm actually cutting back.

This weekend will be a bit of a challenge, with 3 nights of plans that could have a lot of points (Scotte, I'm saving the rest of my Flexies for you on Sunday!). And this will be my first weekend of no home computer, so I won't be able to log anything into the Points Tracker and I'll just be keeping score in my head.

But I feel pretty confident that I'll stay on track for the weekend. Then it will be the test to see how it all shakes out on the scale Monday morning!


ScottE. said...

I actually think the meal I've planned will be's no Thanksgiving. I think a little moderation on a some and go nuts on the rest?!?!? but it's the things that require moderation that are going to be REALLY GOOD!

Lady Brandenburg said...

I weighed in this morning (Sat.) and for the first time since I reached lifetime last year, I am over my goal weight. By many pounds. I actually teared up, but my meeting leader gave me a great pep talk. So I paid the meeting fee like a big girl, stayed for the meeting (they really do help me!) and headed for Giant to pick up all sorts of yummy hummy healthy stuff.

I will spare you all the reasons why I gained SO much weight this past month (since this is your blog not mine!) but suffice it to say that there have been more "downs" than "ups" in my life. I need to keep checking in with you Stef! It keeps me honest.

Back on the plan as of TODAY. And yes, I too am afeared of ScottE's dinner on Sunday, but I have got to keep it under control!