Friday, March 31, 2006


Wow. I had a crazy, exhausting day yesterday with the head-spinning trip up to NYC and back. It was a good day but there were some major decisions made that are gonna lead to lots more work (and work stress) for me in the future...

But, that's really beside the point. As I kinda predicted, yesterday was a total wash when it came to anything remotely close to dieting. Quick travel and day-long meetings don't lend themselves well to healthy eating. So I just allowed myself to eat whatever was easiest and am not counting any of the points. I'd be afraid it's in triple digits anyway.

So, if you want to live vicariously through my total non-dieting day, here's the rundown (don't judge me!):

At Union Station. My gate was right next to McDonald's. What did you think was gonna happen?
Bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle's Sandwich (omg, so delicious!)
Small orange juice

On the Train:
A full-calorie 12 oz can of Sierra Mist

At a meeting where the other group we were meeting with provided the lunch spread.
1/2 a ham and swiss sandwich on wheat with mayo
2 big pickle spears
a handful of red grapes
a pink-frosted donut

Strategy Session:
Yes, it happened to be at a bar, but we had to go somewhere with just our internal group to talk.
1 glass of chardonnay
a handfull of peanut/party mix

I had to pick up something quick at Penn Station that could be eaten on the train. My colleague wanted to go to this deli, Zaro's, so I went with and just got whatever sounded best.
A delicious curried chicken salad sandwich with cranberries and a honey-mustard spread on pumpernickel
A bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips
A banana (my conscious decision to eat something remotely healthy)
A Coke Zero (hey, at least it's no calories!)

When I got home, I still had to have something to settle my stomach and wind down...
1 cup of Jello sugar free creamy caramel pudding

Yikes, this was a lot of food. And I didn't feel very good after eating it all. Although that chicken salad sandwich was amazing! Today I want to go back to eating light, tasty good stuff!

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