Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mmmmmm..... Tasty!

So I ended up going for broccoli, stirring in about 1/2 bag of frozen florets into the package of risotto. Oh my God, it was so tasty. I absolutely ate the whole entire thing. But, guess what? I just calcuated the points, figuring it would be around 12 or so, and the entire thing was only 8 points!!! I think it's cuz it's fairly low-fat, with just a little bit of olive oil in there. This dinner will be making a repeat appearance for sure.


Lady Brandenburg said...

So glad it worked out! What brand is the risotto (my screen is not great, and the photo looks a little dark) - might have to add this to our repertoire - there IS such thing as too much rice and potatoes - need more side dish ideas!

Stef said...

Oh, my bad, I calculated the points based on 3 servings per box when it was actually 4. So it was 11 points total. Still not bad, for a super-tasty, filling meal.

It's Lundberg brand, I think I bought it at Whole Foods.