Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Good Day for a Salad

It's so warm today, both outside and in my apartment (where I can't control the heat), that I'm craving all kinds of cold food. I've always found it's much easier to diet in the spring/summer, when you usually want lighter, healthier things. So in that way, this little heat wave is helping me get back on track with the diet. It's been a bad week so far, so here's hoping I can recoup a bit on the weekend.

I just had a great big salad for lunch. I bought one of those Fresh Express bagged salad kits - the Caesar Lite version. It's tasty, crisp and refreshing on a day like this. I just calculated the points based on its official nutritional info, and the entire salad, with dressing and croutons, comes to 7 points. Excellent!

I also learned an exciting tip from the WW boards recently. I have waxed poetic here before about my love for Jello Fat-Free Pudding Cups, a delightful 2 point snack. Well, it turns out that Jello's Sugar-Free Pudding Cups are only ONE POINT EACH! So I've made the switch.

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Lady Brandenburg said...

I totally agree re: warm weather. Makes you want to eat salads and sandwiches rather than comfort food.