Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Next Reward!

Thanks to Lady B's good suggestion, I have decided on what my next reward will be. When I hit the 15-pound mark, I'm gonna splurge and buy myself some cooking supplies! I want a good chef's knife and a new skillet. Depending on prices, I could go for a knife set. Scotte and Dancer in DC were giving me some good tips on what to look for in a knife, so I feel a little more confident as I'm trolling around looking at the options on Amazon. I may make it a whole-day reward, and plan to take a day off, hop in a ZipCar, and head to the big Cherry Hill Road Target for my cookware shopping. I'm not promising that having better equipment will suddenly, magically turn me into a chef - or even someone who truly enjoys cooking - but I do think it'll help give me more options. Just being able to chop vegetables and cube a chicken breast would be an improvement!


ScottE. said...

I've cooked at places other than my own home...and if the knife isn't good...I dont' want to do good knife really helps. Good Times!

Lady Brandenburg said...

A good knife really really makes cooking easier and less of a chore. We have a great set - I couldn't believe when we first got it how WONDERFUL it was to have good equipment (and I don't necessarily love cooking either, BTW)