Monday, April 24, 2006

To Be Expected

I just weighed in, and as I thought I have gained back another 2 pounds. So that's 3 pounds that I'm back up, and I did expect it. I could actually "feel" it, in that weird way where you can sense things happen with your body.

Like I said, I did this knowingly. I'm going to spend the next 3 days here trying to be good and tracking things. Then when I leave for the conference, I'll pay attention to what I'm eating but will allow myself to go with the flow of the 5 crazy days. Then, when I get back I will start in again in earnest. So Tuesday, May 2, will be my day for recommitting. Which is fitting, cuz I started this all on January 2.

I am still down 10 pounds, so it's all good!

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Pretty in Pink said...

Heart. Good luck at your conference. I just got back from 8 days of Annual Conference and I feel like death foodwise. I am expecting a gain this week, but hopefully just a pound or two (luckily conference equals a ton of running around for me!)