Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Dogs Are Barking

You ever have an experience where suddenly you are forced to realize just how out of shape a certain muscle group might be??? Well, last night the BIG LONG down escalator at Tenleytown was out, so I found myself walking down about 100 steps while carrying my big computer bag. It was no big deal while I was walking down, other than my fear of heights which had me holding on to the railing and only looking at the steps, not ahead. But by the time I made it down and then rode 3 stops on the Metro, my outer thigh muscles decided they weren't too happy about it. When I got out of the train and started walking, my legs were actually a little *shaky* -- waddafa? And walking up stairs on the way home made it clear that those muscles were a little sore. And, if you can believe it, they're still a little sore this morning!

Either I'm getting old or I *really* need to do some more thigh work at the gym! We do have an adductor/abductor machine, but I don't like doing it when anyone else can see me.... it's not the prettiest set of movements in the world!

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