Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm Having Trouble

Geez, how was I so good in January? I'm having a very hard time getting/staying on track. Today, for example, I was really good, UNTIL...

Egg beater omelet with a little shredded cheese

South Beach peanut butter breakfast bar

Snack 2:
4-pack of Snackwells vanilla cream cookies

Tuna bento box from Teaism

Uh oh.... getting very, very hungry Snack 3:
Another South Beach bar

Oh my God, I'm starving, stressed and have a raging headache after-work and after grocery-store snack:
1/2 bag of Tostitos
A lot of low-fat but still pointy black bean dip

Dinner still to come.... I'm guessing it will be the one item I picked up based on a pure craving: Turkey Hot Dogs. Why? I have no idea. But I want one really bad. With lots of ketchup.

It is kind of that craving time of the month (TMI) and my allergies are still bad and my head is killing me and all that... but those are just excuses, and they're even starting to sound tired to me.

I need new motivation. Perhaps the spring clothes will help me get back in the swing of things? I want to look cute in my skirts and sandals!


Velvet said...

This is standard. You were good in January because it was new. I vote that you take a week off. Believe me you won't gain very much weight back. Maybe a pound. Give yourself a complete break, and vow to go back to it after 7 days. In fact...take that break for this weekc coming up, Sunday to Sunday, so we can do some eatin on Thurs!!! (How selfish of me.)

Asian Mistress said...

I'm having extreme trouble...and with the warm weather it's even more sad cause I know I'll want to wear cute things too. UGH.