Friday, April 14, 2006

Doing Okay Today, But Having Fun Tonight!

So I'm still on my "pay attention to meals but don't obsess over points" plan. We'll see how it works when I weigh in on Monday.

Is it boring for you to hear what I ate during a day? I know, the ultimate in tedious subject matter. But maybe you can help me figure out if I've got problem trends that you can see - or maybe I can give you ideas on new things to try that are fairly diet friendly. We'll see.

So far today:

Another Egg Beater omelet with cheese and 1 slice canadian bacon

Grande skim chai

Lunch - at La Tasca - fun!:
The lunch combo, which features 3 mini-tapas, that yes, are even smaller than regular tapas. I had:
patatas bravas
chicken in garlic and white wine sauce
vegetarian paella
and a regular size sauteed spinach with raisins and pine nuts

100 calorie pack

Plans for dinner? Fun times at Matchbox!
I *will* allow myself to eat mini burgers. Maybe even 3 of them!
My favorite Bistro salad
Probably 2 glasses of viognier

Movie time.... any food? Probably not, cuz I'll be full from dinner.

After movie:
I'm planning on sangria, back at La Tasca. At *least* one glass. It's a Joyous night, after all! :-)


Lady Brandenburg said...

I recommitted (mentally) last Thursday and so far so good. Thursdays were my weekly weigh in days anyway, which I always liked because if you had a splurge-y weekend, you still had plenty of time to take a pound off by Thursday.

I'm really excited that one of my coworkers at my new job is really interested in WW and she is thinking of going to a meeting. For me, the meetings are essential, I need the motivation and accountability. I talked with her at length last Wed. (thus my thinking "gees, I really need to get back on track") about my success with WW, how I've been off the wagon basically since January, I've gained about 13 pounds, and now I'm recommitting.

Which is funny, because now that I think about it, you've LOST 13 pounds since January. You must have sent them to me! Well, I'm going to send them to someone else now, I need to get into my summer clothes!

I too had a little fun last night - went to Clyde's in Penn Quarter with my husband and my brother and a group after my chorus concert at Strathmore - I think I did pretty darn good for a Friday night - two beers and an order of hummus with pita and veggies (although looking this morning, hummus is higher in points than I thought!).

Just need to get through Easter dinner tomorrow, use the rest of my flex pts. and keep chugging along. Husband is gone next week, so it'll be easier to make really healthy dinners (he eats anything and doesn't gain weight - therefore craves fattening stuff!)

I'm putting myself on 22 points a day. We'll see if that works. And my monthly weigh in is in two weeks - and after having to pay lsat month - I'm hoping that if I have to pay this upcoming month it's because I'm a pound or two above goal - not 7 or 8!

Happy Weekend!

Stef said...

Lady B: It's tough, definitely. I love finding inspiration in other people, too, so I'm glad you've got a new coworker to talk to about things. I need to keep talking to my coworker about her success, too. And I can't believe Lord B can eat whatever he wants - I bet he's probably the same size he was in high school, or something gross like that, huh? Ah, to have a man's metabolism. Good luck to you on recommitting. I hope this new thing I'm trying helps keep me going until I'm ready to totally go back on points officially.