Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday Safeway Deals

Wow, 9 am on Easter Sunday is the *best* time to go to Safeway. There was no one there! Seriously, I think I saw less than 10 other customers. Good times.

Today's good deals:
- Lean Cuisine - $2.50 (4 for 10 bucks), reg price $3.29 (this sale includes most of their regular entrees and the pizzas, but not the paninis)
- Crystal Light big canister - $4.59, reg price $4.99
- Tropicana o.j. 6-packs - $3.50, reg price $4.29
- The Great Meat Markdown - between sales and the instant-coupons that the meat dept. had put on the packages, I scored!
- 1 pkg of boneless pork loin chops - $2.17, reg price $3.65
- 1 pkg of Perdue fit & easy chicken breasts - $5.04, reg price $6.54

There were other good diet items on sale that I didn't pick up cuz I couldn't carry any more, including Lean Pockets, boxes of oatmeal, and Silk brand light chocolate soy milk.

It did occur to me this morning that if Clinton and Stacy were to ever secretly videotape me on my early morning grocery trips, I'm screwed. I usually go before I take my shower - the only time I'll *ever* leave the house without showering. So I have my hair pulled back or in a baseball cap, I'm wearing my big brown glasses, and my outfit is terrible. Yes, I admit it, the t-shirt I slept in - it's a free Humane Society t-shirt with a big kitten on it - plus my gym shorts, a big denim overshirt, and my beloved pink Speedo flip-flops that squeak with every step. I'm a walking billboard for What Not to Wear!

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