Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Sickness Clause

Ugh, I feel awful. I spent all day in bed yesterday with a horrible, raw sore throat. My throat feels better now but it has all evolved into a full-blown head cold / sinus infection, complete with throbbing face pain and swollen glands. Day 2 of being in bed.

So, my policy is that I do not count points when I'm sick. I just go for what my body craves, which in this case has been starchy, soothing food that's either hot or cold on my throat. I'm drinking juice and Power-Ade, and eating lots of bread and pasta and hot soup.

I think I'm gonna take a pass on weigh-in this week. Or maybe I will step on the scale, but just not beat myself up if I gain. I do finally have my computer home, so assuming that I feel better on Monday I will start anew with counting and tracking my points. If this rain ever stops, which is aggravating my mold allergy, maybe my head will clear up.

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