Saturday, April 22, 2006

Checking In

As you might have guessed, I ended up taking a slight break this week from the WW world. I sort of decided by default to just enjoy the week, still trying to eat sensibly but not obsessively. And I have had a good time! I'm proud, though, that I didn't go hog-wild and order 8 pizzas and 2 dozen donuts or anything like that. I've still eaten mostly the right things, just a little more of them. :-)

I've had a few cookies and a piece of cake for a coworker's birthday, plus a whole lot of alcohol the last two nights... but other than that, I've still had pretty much the same kind of food I have been eating. Some pork chops, some spaghetti, some vegetarian chili (I did splurge on a deelish fatty corn muffin!), a steak, and some gourmet thin-crust pizza. But, like I said, no marathon Ben & Jerry's sessions or Velveeta shells & cheese.

I feel pretty good about this, and if I see another pound or two on Monday, I can accept that. I think I'll continue this break next week - though I'll plan to post more often - cuz I'm going away on a conference and it will be very hard to manage my meals over those 5 days of events, lectures, and hotel food....

So my plan now is to recommit in the month of May and see how well I do at slimming down a bit for my cute spring and summer clothes. Stay tuned!

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