Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year on the Scale

I weighed in this morning, since I wasn't home yesterday morning to hop on the scale. And it wasn't too bad - I stayed the same as last week. But that's okay, considering the ginormous meal and snacks and dessert I had on New Year's Eve, plus the fact that I'm really just now getting started on the exercise-and-cooking plan. I hope that next week shows a little positive movement on the dial when I weigh-in back on my normal schedule, Monday morning.

Inspired by last night's The Biggest Loser marathon and my aforementioned love of Excel, I have created another spreadsheet that will help me track my weigh-ins. I'm looking at the number of pounds lost, but also the percentage of weight. That seems like another valuable number - so far, I'm down 1% of my total body weight!

I'm hoping these Excel workbooks will help me track my stats and take the place of the few tools I was using on the WW online site. Heck, the first time I did WW and lost 42 pounds, I did it all on Excel all by myself! I can't wait to make some pretty graphs....

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