Sunday, January 07, 2007

The First Week

I've done pretty well this week, all told. I've been sticking to what I laid out - focusing on eating a better variety of more nutritional stuff, cutting out some of the bad stuff, and exercising more.

The Highlights:
  • I ate a lot of good stuff this week, and thanks to my grocery delivery I've worked in fresh produce like spinach, avocado, broccoli, grapes, and bananas. Tasty! I cooked every dinner this week which is a real achievement!
  • I did indulge a few times, on leftover holiday brownies and some movie theater popcorn, but for the most part I avoided temptation. I didn't eat ANY of the cookies or candy that people keep bringing in the office, and I only had 2 chai lattes all week.
  • I've been drinking more water and I bought and started taking calcium supplements.
  • Even with that shin splint problem, I still managed to work in more exercise - an average of 30 minutes a day over the last week. That includes time on the treadmill, walking outside, and doing some of the fitness / workout dvds I have at home. And after a few days of low-impact stuff, my legs feel good again so hopefully I can slowly work my way back onto the treadmill....

Hopefully this will all have a good effect on the scale in the morning.... I'll keep you posted!

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