Monday, January 29, 2007

Back on the Scale

Well, there you have it. A week of being sick and pretty much eating crap and doing nothing but laying in bed? I gained 2 pounds. Urgh.

But, I am mostly feeling better...and I am definitely in the mood to eat much better food this week. Fruits, veggies, soup, sushi - here I come!


Katie said...

I wouldn't worry about the two pounds--when you started exercising before, you probably lost some water weight and then not exercising or eating so well probably just made you gain back that water weight. I know, it still feels bad to see it on the scale, but see what happens after a week of good eating and activity....Don't you love comments from a stranger/lurker? :-)

Stef said...

Hi Katie - I love new commenters! Thanks for the positivity, and feel free to come back anytime!

Mandy said...

I just joined up myself (I figured it was time to stop whining about it, and start doing something about it), so let's see how the first week goes! I'm forcing myself to go for walks even though I'm still a bit sore and it's freaking cold outside. I know that there can be lots of ups and downs with this stuff - keep with it, though!