Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Revenge of the Grease

So I declared last night a non-diet night, cuz it was a very tense evening all around. And I indulged way too much - I had about 6 boneless buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing, then 2 pieces of pepperoni and mushroom pizza, then a dish of full-fat Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Plus 2 beers and some Fresca. Yeah, pigging out.... although, I have to say, in earlier days I probably would have even gone for MORE of all of it. But.... here's the good news. My stomach rebelled. I felt awful all night long, with my tummy doing somersaults. I regretted every bite of the bad food I ate. (Well, maybe not the ice cream, but definitely the wings and pizza.) Even though I indulged, I learned a little lesson out of it.... the good news is I just can't indulge in the bad stuff like I used to!


hammockbrain929 said...

Hang in there, things will get better. All you have to do is eat right and excercise (a lot it seems). I liked the Kite Runner too, he has another book coming out in the spring and I was just listening to the Garden State soundtrack and putting it on my MP3 player. I'm the guy from Catskill who posted on your other blog.

Asian Mistress said...

It's OK - yesterday I went to the gym and burned 300 calories...then I had dinner at Outback. Hahaha. I suck.

Stef said...

Hammockbrain - thanks again for commenting! Yeah, I really need to pick up the exercise side of things... that's always been the hardest for me. Maybe I should always have a good book with me for the treadmill!

AM - Yeah, that's the way I usually do it too!