Monday, November 20, 2006


We had a 9 am staff meeting today (yes, 9 am on a Monday!) and I SHOCKED myself with the level of restraint I was able to display. Early on in the meeting, people brought in two platters filled with donuts. Glazed, cinnamon, and these incredible-looking chocolate iced devils. These platters were set up around the table and a huge jug of orange juice started going around. One platter of the chocolate iced evil sat in front of me for the whole meeting. And guess what? I didn't take anything!!!! It helped that I had a friend right next to me who was also trying to be good, but we both refused the donut's evil stare and made it through the meeting calorie-free.

Then she and I went to Starbucks (yo, a 9 am meeting = caffeine required). I was hungry, but still wanted to be good. Their selection was a little picked over, but they did have a bunch of muffins out that weren't labeled. I asked if any of them were of their low-fat varieties. They were not - the barista told me that they were all the regular kinds. So I didn't get any Starbucks treats either! Just a skim latte to go.

Woohoo! That's TWO major temptations I've faced down already, and it isn't even lunchtime yet!

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Dezel said...

Hello Stef,

Great restraint! Since it is nearing the holidays my coworkers have been bringing in Krispy Kremes and all sorts of blah; needless to say I have been using that same level of restraint.

Last weekend, Cold Stone did catch me off guard however....they have got to stop putting those buy 1 get 1 free coupons in the Sundays paper.

Have a great Thanksgiving.