Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Good Dinner from the Freezer

I keep reading articles that say you should eat fish 3+ times a week. That's a lot! But I am trying to increase my overall fish intake, and those bags of fresh-frozen fish fillets from Whole Foods are a great solution. Tonight I made a very satisfying, light, low-guilt dinner straight out of the freezer. First I thawed out a cod fillet, then drizzled it with olive oil and black pepper and baked it for 10 minutes at 425 degrees. Once it was done (with the pan filled with sizzling fish drippings and oil, ick), I spritzed it with some lemon juice and voila! A tasty, light fish dinner. I paired it with a package of Green Giant frozen broccoli in the low-fat cheese sauce. Yummy and filling, and I got in some fish, some veggies, AND some dairy. Hooray!

FYI - just a note in general. I'm no longer posting point values for things on the site, since it's now somewhat of an ethical question. I'll spare you the full details, but WW asks its members to refrain from sharing point values since it's a proprietary formula. Etc. But I'll still share all kinds of advice on calories, fat, sodium, and healthy choices in general.

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