Sunday, September 03, 2006

When Will I Ever Learn?

Walking the 3 miles from my apartment to the movie theater? GOOD.

Eating a small butter popcorn once I get there? BAD.

Seriously, it's just cuz I was hungry. If they had healthier options at the theater I would buy them. How hard is it to get a little hummus and celery sticks?

I keep hoping there's some kind of karmic balance that makes everything okay in the end. Hey, it's better than eating the popcorn and NOT walking, right???

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Dezel said...

Hi Stef,

You're too funny, but very good point, heck you did walk 3 miles.

I do not go to the movies often, but I always sneak (shame on me) a healthy snack bar in. If they sold more healthy foods I would not pack a bar, but all they sell is junk food for the most part.

Enjoy the rest of this short week.
BTW, Tarara is down to their last 3 concerts : )

Happy Sipping!