Monday, September 11, 2006

Status Quo

Is fine with me! The scale was looking pretty good this morning as I stayed the same for yet another week. I'm not really doing much to reduce my caloric intake these days, but I'm glad to know that my metabolism and my activity level are pretty much in check at the moment. I'm doing pretty well with eating well-balanced meals (thank goodness for my grill pan and veggie sides), and I'm working on holding steady for another week to get me through the Gala and Board stuff.

But.... a major development this morning.... it's back! The most tempting Starbucks seasonal item ever, the pumpkin cream cheese muffin. I had to have it, cuz I didn't have any breakfast and I wanted a treat. But I don't even want to KNOW the nutritional info on that. I just have to learn to refuse it for the rest of the fall. It's gonna be hard, though, cuz that sucker is darn tasty!


onyah said...

Oh no. If the pumpkin cream cheese muffin is back then my arch-nemesis, the pumpkin scone, is sure to arrive soon as well!! Those things are like 15 points. But soooooo yummy.

Anonymous said...

You could make them:,,645597,00.html

Asian Mistress said...

Why did you have to tell me about that?

It's also getting colder...which means this girl will be craving Starbucks Chai lattes.....sigh.

Dezel said...

Hello Stef,

You're too funny, glad to hear everything is staying where you want it.

Treat yourself on the weekend and just get back to the grind during the week.

I never visit Caloric-Bucks, but now I'm curious....rats *&* (lol)

Happy Sipping!


ps...3 more shows at Tarara!

Pretty in Pink said...

OMG I totally had a Pumpkin Spice Latte after WI last Saturday AM and didn't even think to say skim no whip. Mmmmm. The best is the Gingerbread Late...

Maybe I will have to try the muffin this Saturday!

Good luck with the Gala!