Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today's Safeway Blow-Out

I haven't bought groceries in 2 weeks, and you know that's a bad thing. I've been eating the dregs of what's in the fridge and freezer, not really liking much of it. Plus, the last time I did go shopping it was at Whole Foods. So I had fancy stuff, but I was totally understocked on the staples. That's why today's trip to Safeway resulted in a huge tab (yikes, 73 bucks!) but I got a lot of good stuff, and I really hit the sales!

Today's deals - most of which are good thru Tuesday, Oct. 3:
- Hamburger Helper - $1.25, reg price $2.59
- Safeway brand mini-rice cakes - $1.50, reg price $1.69
- Safeway brand reduced fat wheat crackers - $1.50, reg price $1.99
- Safeway brand lite pink lemonade mix - $2.60, reg price $3.60
- Campbell's Chunky Healthy Request soup - $1.25, reg price $2.79
- Barilla pasta - $1.00, reg price $1.50
- Green Giant single-serving broccoli & cheese 4-pak - $3.14, reg price $4.19
- Dannon Light & Fit yogurt - 50 cents, reg price 80 cents
- Fresh Express bag salads - $3.50, reg price $3.79

So even though I bought a lot of stuff, I actually saved $9.18 with all the sales. Hooray!

And although I didn't take advantage of it cuz I already have plenty, y'all should know Jello Sugar-Free Pudding is on sale, too. Mmmmm.

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