Monday, September 25, 2006

Not as Bad as Last Year

I just weighed in and I'm at the same spot as last week, 4 pounds down overall. That means I gained back 3 pounds during the ramp up to the Gala. Which isn't great, but considering that I gained something like 15 pounds in those 2 months last year, it's not so bad.

Being down only 4 pounds for this nearly-whole-year of effort doesn't sound all that impressive, but I'm okay with it because this year has helped me refocus on diet and exercise. Even if I'm not always following it, I'm thinking about it a lot more and paying attention to my choices.

And as I wrote over the weekend, I'm now working on a new goal.... so stay with me and let's watch that little hula girl dance!


Pretty in Pink said...

Awesome motivation doll! I'm sure you will be successful. I've had a rough three weeks (-.8, -.6, +.4) which is bugging the HELL out of me, but I think that it's from all of the exercise I'm doing getting ready for the Army 10-miler. I know that you do online - but have you considered going to meetings (maybe you did it that way before)? The 14th and K center has lots of times and some great leaders!

Good luck with your new goal and congrats on surviving the gala!


Dezel said...

Hi Stef,

Sounds like you are doing something right (4 vs 15); perhaps yur metabolism has ramped up since you have been doing some exercise and eating right for the most part. I think mines has; I've been stuck on the same weight now for a while and have totally not exercised for almost 1.5 months. I will get back in the swing starting Monday, but I'm surprised that I have'nt put nothing on.

I must admit, I'm already thinking about ways to not make a glut of myself with the holidays right around the corner.

Any advice for that ?

Have a wonderful weekend; getting out to the big wine festival in Leesburg ?

Happy Sipping!


Stef said...

PIP: I'm so amazed that you're doing the 10-miler. How did you get started running? Did you just go out one day and start doing it, or had you been running before? I've never been to meetings, and I know it could be helpful, but scheduling is hard for me and I don't think I'd be as comfortable with other people as I am doing it on my own with the web site and this blog...

Dezel: Thanks. I think the biggest difference between last year and this year is that I made a willful choice not to totally let myself go. Last year I just didn't care and wallowed in the stress and the stress-eating. Plus, last year involved a lot more margarita-drenched happy hours and the bad choices those lead to! And I actually have not been out to any wineries since Memorial Day. Terrible, I know! But I think it has helped my wallet and my waistline a bit...