Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Week That Was

Like I said, I haven't been doing so well on my own challenge. I'm really not sure what will happen when I step on the scale Monday morning. But I'm still thinking about all the choices I make, even if some of the choices are bad ones.

The Good:
  • I had my grilled mahi mahi specialty again for dinner tonight. Delicious! This time I did it with a side of steamed broccoli tossed with Newman's Own light Italian salad dressing. Tasty.
  • One day earlier this week, we went out for lunch to the place where I usually order a steak. I really wanted one, but I ordered a chicken salad instead.
  • I bought another 12-pack of Sprite Zero to have in my fridge, which was one of my key tricks earlier this year when I was doing so well. It gives me the carbonation I sometimes need, but without any caffeine. All the Coke Zero and diet cherry cola I've been drinking is still pretty bad, so I'm glad to be switching back to this instead.

The Bad:

  • Friday. A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast, 4 slices of pizza for lunch, 1 1/2 sugar cookies in the afternoon. A decent dinner that was accompanied by lots of sangria.
  • Tuesday night's wine-soaked dinner, which I wrote about on my other blog. I have learned that it's a very bad pattern for me - when I drink a lot of wine, I order a lot of really rich, expensive, indulgent food.
  • No exercise this week other than just the usual daily comings and goings. Bah.
  • It's still hard for me to work in fruits and veggies on a regular basis. I need to keep more stuff in the house, and when I'm buying my lunch out I need to be sure to get a side salad or a fruit cup or something.
  • Ice cream is my summer vice. This week it's been Breyer's fudge ripple. It's not premium ice cream, so there's a little less fat, but I still have to have it. Nothing cools me down with as much satisfaction. Sure, Jello pudding cups are a great substitute, but they're not ice cold and refreshing in the same way.

Tomorrow I have a foodie-best brunch that I'm really looking forward to, but then it's off to the grocery store to buy some good items to have at home this week. Stay tuned.

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Dezel said...

Hi Stef,

I know what you mean about exercise; I have an elliptical treadmill and exercise/sit-up bench I recently purchased and for the past 8 days have neglected each. On the bright side they have not become clothing racks yet : )

When I do neglect them I do make effort to eat less ‘bad stuff’ however (lol). If I lived in the heart of Happy Hour city like Adams Morgan or Georgetown I would be challenged for sure.

I have made an effort just in the last 2 months to eat more fruit and I really enjoy it. It’s a shame but I’m in my mid 30’s and it was my first time eating some of the fruits I’ve been enjoying of late. I even sub chips for those nice little baby carrots (yum yum) now. Lucky for me I hate carbonated water so soda does not make it here.

I bet you stay even…tell me I win!!!! Keeping tuned : )

Happy Sipping!