Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Garden Isn't Lunch

Today I knew I needed to get some veggies in at lunchtime, cuz I haven't been eating very balanced meals lately. I'm still doing pretty well on eating less / better stuff overall, but veggies are always hard for me to work in. So at my usual deli, I went with a different option than normal and had them make me a wrap version of what they call their "Avocado Dream." This included tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, avocado, and sprouts, with a little cream cheese and a cucumber sauce, all bundled into a green tortilla wrap. (What flavor is a green wrap, anyway???)

It looked very healthy and abundant - but messy. Which it was. After I took my first bite, I said to my lunch buddy "Wow, this tastes like a garden." It really did. Not like a garden salad, mind you, but like an actual garden with a wee bit o' the taste of dirt. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't even able to eat the whole thing cuz it got kinda messy.

And now, 2 1/2 hours later, I'm hungry again. All I had for lunch was that wrap and some Baked Lays. My lunch buddy just chimed in again by saying "A garden isn't lunch!" (hence the title of this post), so I think we're going to head out for a quick walk and for me to pick up some kind of yogurt smoothie to tide me over.

So I got my veggies in, which is good, but you sure do need some protein or something to fill you up!


onyah said...

I did the same thing today! For lunch (which happened at 2:30), I had a whole lotta salad and a whole lotta fruit, and I was mad-hungry by the time I left work.

I seem to have some sort of fear of adding protein to my lunches! I like to keep them at 8 points or fewer, and adding meat-stuffs makes that hard.

Oh, and I brought my Loser blog back, but at a differnt url!

Stef said...

Ah, great minds think alike!

I've found that sometimes just adding a slice of cheese helps "bulk up" a meal and make it more filling. But yes, I have learned that I really need protein at mid-day. No wonder I was a terrible vegetarian!

I need to remind myself to do a future "investigative report" post comparing the smoothie styles and related nutritional info from the places downtown. I love me some smoothies, but I have a feeling there are some very different point values going on...

Pretty in Pink said...

Oh GOD do I know how you feel! Yesterday I switched it up, the thought of a green salad made me want to yuke - so I made a little fruit salad - 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup strawberries and a banana. More points than a green salad but a LOVELY change. Of course then I felt bad at dinner as I was green free all day so I ate a mound of spinach in my pasta!

Like Onyah - I try to keep lunches around that target of 8ish points. I just found out that my favorite Cederlane Enchilada Pie is TWO servings, making it 9 points. Somehow I had missed that and counted it as 4points for a month!

Hang in there Ladies!