Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Did So Well Today!

Hooray! It's still possible for me to have a really good day. Since the bride-to-be talked me out of a big sugary, buttery Starbucks treat, I can actually say that I did well in both food and exercise today. Now, i'm not starving myself or anything, but everything I had today was a good decision:

Breakfast: Non-fat yogurt at home, a granola bar when I got to work

Lunch: A Lean Cuisine Pizza

Snack: A grande skim chai, and a big veggie tray with about 1 teaspoon of lite ranch dip

Dinner: Tom yum chicken soup, a huge feast of very low-point sushi, two lite beers that were only 95 calories each

After Dinner: A mile-long walk home

Dessert: A 2-point Healthy Choice ice cream bar

Good stuff! Yes, I was STARVING when I finally got to the sushi place, but I still didn't lose control. I ate well AND I still had a pretty good day. :-)


Dezel said...

Hi Stef,

Way to go, roll with it through the weekend. I will be looking for your Monday update!

Happy Sipping!

Ms. M the Mixin' Vixen said...

well done!!