Thursday, August 24, 2006

What to Order?

I have another business-woman's lunch coming up soon, and I'm not sure what will be the healthiest, most diet-friendly item to order. Their menu has all kinds of fancy-shmance options. I'm leaning towards either the seared salmon or the grilled chicken breast entree, but I just know there are all kinds of hidden dangers in every menu item on there. Which would you choose?

And yes, it makes me laugh every time I see "lime air" on there. What, do they bottle air???


Pretty in Pink said...

Okay I totally just knocked salad on the last post, but i would probably go with Ensalada de Arugula con Maiz, Cabrales y Frambuesas
Jicama and arugula salad with cabrales cheese,
corn and raspberry wiith the dresing on the side. Sounds good!

The grilled chicken breast does sound good too! I would get that and maybe immediately cut portions in half and save for dinner!

Good luck! I have to go figure out what I'm going to eat at Old Ebbits for lunch later!

Dezel said...

Hi Stef,

What wonderful selections you have; I hope it’s all as tasty as it sounds. If I’m pressed for a healthy selection it would be the seared salmon sandwich which sounds every bit of delicious. Let us know how it goes and have a wonderful week

Happy Sipping!


Stef said...

Ah, I ended up engaging in a little cheesy self-sabotage, literally. I had a little guacamole to start with, but then I ordered their super-delicious special quesadilla of the day. It was pretty small, so at least the portion size was okay, but it was a tomato, basil & mozzarella quesadilla with really fresh, fancy ingredients. They were yellow heirloom tomatoes, absolutely delicious, and the quesadilla was dressed with a balsamic vinegar. MMMMMMMMM. Bad, but so good....