Monday, August 07, 2006

The Horror of Formal Wear

Remember how excited I was that my Gala outfit still fits? Well, today I learned that it's not quite appropriate.... my boss said that I really need to wear something that's full-length since it's a black-tie event. Damn. I love this outfit! But I get her point, cuz it's definitely more of a sassy outfit than a formal outfit. And you know DC's fashion scene - we're more conservative than sassy. So I've got to go with something longer and a little more buttoned-down.

What that means is that I have to find a new full-length dress or skirt. And that's the length that looks TERRIBLE on me. Trust me, being 5 foot 2 with big hips does not make for a flattering silhouette with a long dress. I look like a sack of potatoes. Or worse, like a husky little girl trying on Mommy's clothes that are too long.

So I'm in the market for a formal black skirt or dress, hopefully that I can mix-and-match either with my sassy fun black sheer shrug or with one of the two gorgeous wraps I've gotten as gifts this year. One is red with gold embroidery from India, the other is from S. America and is black with blue and gold embroidery. The latter is probably better for September heat, but they're both really stunning and would look so cool with an outfit. I have 2 friends who have offered me the chance to raid their closets, so I hope that provides me with a cheap and reasonable option. (Thanks, ladies.) If not, then I have to make a dreaded trip to the shame and disappointment of the mall....

It's too bad I don't believe in crash diets. Or have the discipline to do one, like the girls in The Devil Wears Prada. Cuz I'd love to drop about 6 sizes between now and mid-September. Dang.


DC Food Blog said...

Have you tried anyhting with an empire waist? Empress Josephine was 4'10"

Stef said...

DCFB: Thanks for the suggestion. I could try it, but usually moving the waist line around or trying a wrap dress usually doesn't work so well cuz, well, frankly - the girls are too big and they don't like to be cinched up or pushed around!