Friday, June 09, 2006

A Slow Week, and My Challenges

I apologize for the lack of posts, but Blogger's been a little crazy this week. And I haven't been very good at all.

This week has exemplified several of my usual challenges:

1. When I am really stressed, I eat.
2. I really like ice cream and find ways to reward myself with it, particularly on super-hot, super-stressful days.
3. When I don't have good groceries in my apartment, I eat poorly.
4. When we have catered events or office lunches where I don't choose the menu, I eat poorly.
5. When I get really busy during the day at work, I stop going online and tracking my points. And that's when I lose my own sense of accountability.

Yeah, they're all tough, and it all comes down to discipline. And when I'm stressed or worn out or irritated by the heat, discipline goes out the proverbial window.

BUT, I am renting a Zipcar tomorrow for my twice-annual major shopping trip, and I'm really looking forward to stocking up the kitchen with some really good stuff. And I know what I need to do re: catered dinners and the like, so I will be bringing in more of the frozen entrees for pre-dinner dinners. And as for the ice cream habit, I'm open to making it more of a fro-yo or fruit smoothie habit. They're at least a little bit better. And that year when I lost so much weight on WW, I still kept up my daily soft-serve cone habit in the summer, I just got a small and counted the points.

And speaking of counting the points, I just logged on and recorded my breakfast... for the first time in almost 2 weeks. Ooops. But, it's all a journey....

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Asian Mistress said...

The grocery thing gets me too...and combined with the being poor thing - it's really bad. :(