Thursday, May 15, 2008

Had to be Done

This is depressing, but true. As part of the prep for my upcoming move (see my other blog), I've been going through all my clothes to sort and purge and donate things to charity. And I saved the hardest for last... tonight I went through all of my skirts/dresses/suits, the things I don't wear as often but tend to hold onto a lot longer.

And though it was painful, I finally did put aside all of the super-cute, trendy, smaller clothes that I had back in my 20's. There was one summer in particular, the summer of 2000, when I lost over 40 pounds (it's true, it can be done) and went to town buying the cutest clothes I've ever been able to wear. Well, those days are gone and the pounds are back, and I've held onto those clothes all this time thinking that someday I'd wear them again. And that I'd feel that cute and young and carefree.

But, since I'm downsizing to a smaller apt with a lot less closet space, I had to make some tough decisions. And I'm NOT giving up hope that I'll ever be down to that size again... but I finally recognize that now, at 33 and with a much more established, professional career, I'll really never wear that trendy, low-cut, short-skirt kind of style in my regular life. And that realization, in and of itself, is a little sad. Let alone motivating to eat a salad for dinner.

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