Monday, April 02, 2007

Tricking My Temptation

As many of you know, I used to be a vegetarian. I truly believed in what I was doing for moral reasons.... but, it was very hard to do and I didn't do it very well. I fell off that particular wagon and I'm now a complete carnivore again. And, surprisingly, one of my biggest downfalls these days is that I freakin' love steak. My friends who knew me when I was veggie still get a kick out of seeing me order and devour a big piece of steak.... but I do love it!

So, I now have to resist ordering a big slab of beef whenever I'm at a restaurant that has a decent steak on the menu. For a while, that was all I ordered at certain lunch places. But, come one, I really don't need a huge steak for lunch! I don't need the calories or the fat...even though it tastes so damn good.

Now, I have a new strategy -- it still gets me the taste that I want, but balances it out with some veggies and other ingredients -- the steak salad! Sure, it's still not hummus and veggies or salmon wrapped in a lettuce leaf. But it's a healthier option than eating an 18 oz steak for lunch...and some of the places I frequent have pretty tasty steak salads on the menu. So far, it's working for me!

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