Sunday, April 08, 2007

Perfectly-Portioned Poultry

I splurged on my grocery delivery this time to try out something I'd been seeing in stores that seemed almost mythical in concept.... perfectly-portioned, prepackaged chicken breasts: Perdue Perfect Portions. The package, $9.99 in all, includes 6 single-serving size chicken breasts, all averaging out to 4.8 oz each. Most of what I've read say that the recommended serving size for chicken is 4 oz, so this gives you a little leeway while still being sensible.

The breasts were definitely smaller than what you'd normally find in a package, but you really don't miss it when you eat it. They cook up fairly fast, too. I did mine tonight at $350 for just about 20 minutes, and it was perfectly cooked through and still juicy. With honey BBQ sauce, yum!

And an added bonus? These little beauties are individually wrapped in plastic, so you can pop them all in the freezer without having to do the messy chore of separating them out and putting them into Ziploc yourself. They make it so easy!

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Steve said...

They're nice, but a little pricey. I have a nice set of knives and being 'frugal' I usually cut my own portions... but.. that takes time, and you don't have to mess with the meat or deal with cleanup.

I used these once for Chicken Marsala and it was scrumptious....