Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Strange Week

This is been a very weird week, health-wise. Every year, when allergy season really kicks up, I take a 6-day course of steroids to kill my sinus pain. So, as you might imagine, there are all kinds of weird 'roid effects that play out... while my sinuses are being kept at bay, I get all kinds of jittery, flushed, hot, anxious. My appetite and sleep cycles go way out of whack for the week. I spent most of this week laying awake for hours at night but then crashing when I get home from work and sleeping until 8 at night. I haven't eaten as much, cuz my tummy has also been a bit upset, and I've had weird sort of sleepless energy. We'll see how all of this might affect the scale on Monday.

The biggest thing I had to watch out for this week is that I can NOT have caffeine while I'm taking the 'roids. Can you imagine how bad a mix that would be? So, I have actually gone a whole week without any chai or Coke zero. As much as I try not to think about how much I usually rely on caffeine, a week without it definitely showed me how much I do need those little pick-me-ups during the week. I probably have either a chai or a Coke Zero every day during the week... so without it, this week, the 3 pm-and-after part of the day was *really* difficult. That's why I found myself leaving work early and coming home to pass out in bed. It's not fun to think about needing that kind of artificial boost - and I probably could adjust the kind of lunches I eat to keep my blood sugar more regulated so I don't have that late afternoon crash. But still, I'll be glad to go back to having a little caffeine this week. Maybe I'll stick to tall instead of grande, though....

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