Sunday, February 04, 2007

Revisiting My Own Strategy

Even though I'm still sore with that knotted shoulder I discussed in a previous post, I think the whole DC winter cold thing is *finally* behind me. That was about 2 weeks of feeling like crap and just being exhausted overall. This weekend, I finally was able to go out and do social things without it totally wiping me out, whereas I'd cancelled everything the 2 weeks before. Thank goodness, I was ready to rejoin the world!

Which means I need to get back on track for my whole plan for this year. The plan for 2007 is to make better food choices overall, but really to work to introduce exercise into the program. (Or programme, for my metric friends.) I've really let that latter part slide over the last few weeks. Bah.

But, today I was just inspired and did a whole SELF Magazine abs workout that is also pretty good for cardio. Woohoo for heavy breathing! ;-) And my goal for this week is to keep working on introducing just more activity in general, even if it's going for a short walk at lunchtime or taking a little longer walk as part of my commute. Wish me luck!

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