Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Have Been Eating Crap

Ugh. This past week, I have just been eating the worst stuff! Between my birthday, Valentine's Day, the crazy snow/ice storm, and the fact that it's been 2+ weeks since my last grocery delivery, I've just been stuffing my face with everything bad. Cookies, cake, chips (for breakfast? oh yes.), plain pasta, and boxed/processed/frozen entrees and no fruit, veggies or even good proteins. And guess what? I feel sluggish and gross.

So on my way home from work today (yes, a Saturday) I stopped at Whole Paycheck. 86 bucks later I had a whole basket of goodies. Salads, fruit, deli stuff, things that I'm actually really excited about eating! Hopefully this will help get me through this week and feel better about everything. Cuz right now, I just kinda feel ICK.

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