Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Did Really Well Today!

Hooray! I counted all my points and I did a lot of extra walking today. So I earned 4 activity points, yippee! I ate smaller, smarter meals (again, I give thanks to sushi) and walked all the way home from Farragut North. It feels good.

I did have to use my AP's and 1.5 Flexies today, but that's mostly because I chose to take on some beverage points. I have some orange juice in the fridge and I really wanted to drink it. Plus, I had a skim chai from Starbucks - but I did switch from grande to tall. So, I counted these points, but I know that as I make the transition back into counting points I'll probably change my beverage habits a bit. Or maybe not, as long as I count them all. I'm still getting light chocolate soy milk and organic orange juice in my grocery delivery this week. You know, a girl can't live on Crystal Light alone!

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