Monday, October 30, 2006

Holy Cow!

I guess a whole weekend of intense housecleaning really does the trick!!!! I lost 2 pounds this week, hooray!!!!!

Part of it was being a little better about food choices, part of it was all that cleaning, and all of it is appreciated!


onyah said...

Yay! All of that scubbing and sweating adds up to serious AP's! Not a fun way to spend a weekend, but I'm glad it paid off for you in other ways!

Ms. M the Mixin' Vixen said...

that's totally awesome! well done!

Stef said...

Miss M: Thanks, I think it's pretty darn cool, too. :-)

Onyah: Yeah, and today I can totally tell which muscles I don't use very often. The "bendy-overy" muscles. Cuz my lower back is aching! All that swiffering and tub scrubbing definitely took its toll...

Dezel said...

Hey Stef,

Way to go! I am taking your advice this week, I put on 2 for snacking too much over the weekend. I am totally finished with 'fried' for a while. I also plan on doing some cleaning on Friday so hopefully I will see a little difference on Monday : )

Hope you are having a great week!