Saturday, October 14, 2006

Better Than Candy

I totally splurged at the store earlier this week with a produce purchase that almost seemed to cost its weight in gold.... I got a big bag of seedless green California grapes, which weighed in to be $6.22 of my total grocery bill. Yikes, financially. But yum, fruitastically! (Yes, I know I make up words.)

Seriously, these grapes are just delicious. In our industrialized, internet-ized, "get it when you want it" culture and economy, I've somewhat lost track of what produce is actually in season when. So I really have no idea if these grapes are in season or if they are unusually good right now... the latter may explain why they were so darn expensive.

But it's worth every penny, as each individual grape is just bursting with sweet, juicy goodness. It is so darn easy to get 5+ servings a day when the choices taste this good!

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