Monday, October 23, 2006

Focus on the Good

So I've been feeling like I haven't been paying as much attention to the diet lately, but then I reminded myself of some good habits / choices I've been making. So here's a list that help reminds me to stay motivated:

- Over the last few weeks, I've had *several* nights where I've been craving delivery dinner, whether it's pizza or Indian food or sushi, what have you. In one case, I even started to dial the phone to a pizza place! But I stopped myself each time and found something tasty to eat in my kitchen instead. Hooray!

- You know how ice cream is one of my favorite things? Well, I haven't had any in the house in WEEKS! I'm still enjoying those little Weight Watchers toffee crunch bars, and they're satisfying my ice cream craving. So I haven't even felt the need to buy any Ben & Jerry's!

- No popcorn at the movies this weekend! It helped that we'd just eaten dinner, but that hadn't always stopped me in the past...

1 comment:

Ms. M the Mixin' Vixen said...

well done, you!!!

keep up the good work!