Monday, March 26, 2007

Not Proud

Uh oh. How'd that happen?

After 2 weeks of taking a "pass" on weigh-in days, I just weighed in. Now, I know I have not been good the last few weeks. I haven't really been tracking what I'm eating and I haven't made a point of exercising.

But it still was a surprise to see that I've GAINED 4 pounds. And that I now have a new heaviest-ever record. And that record is today.

Oh, that does not feel good.

Help! I know what I've gotta do.... back on the wagon as best I can. Please, please, please wish me luck.... and take those cookies out of my hand next time you see me!

1 comment:

mixin' vixen said...

consider this the motivation you need to get back on the wagon! grrrr! you can do it!