Sunday, March 04, 2007

My First Week

Back on plan....

I did fairly well, considering. I earned a total of 13 Activity Points, exceeding my personal goal of getting in a minimum of 10 a week. I had several days where I was right on target with my points, and only 2 days where I really splurged.

The first was a belated birthday lunch on Thursday, where I totally went for it and had the steak platter and tortilla chips with queso. Yum. But I counted them all!

Then today, when I'd been really good and walked 3 miles before lunch and a movie, I splurged on an egg-and-chorizo omelet and then - GASP! - got popcorn at the movies. Of course, my tummy is having the last laugh cuz now I feel like crap.

Ah, well, I was still pretty good on the whole. Let's see if it makes any difference on the scale in the morning!

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