Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Monday Morning

And more wavering on the scale. Aaargh. I'm gonna call it that I'm the same as last week, nothing lost and nothing gained. But it was close....!

I know last week was tough, but it's a little discouraging. I'm feeling like it's getting harder to lose weight the older I get. But I'm also not as disciplined as I was when I did this the 1st time.... It was now 7 years ago that I lost all that weight. Wow. But my life is very different now, so I have to just keep working at finding ways to make it work for me now. Here goes for another week....


Emily said...

de-lurking to say, from what I can tell from your previous posts, you probably work pretty close to gallery place. You should check out VIDA gym. I just joined and it is such a beautiful nice gym, with top of the line everything, and endless pools (!) that I actually look forward to going to work out. which is rare, and awesome since I am really trying to get back in shape. Also they have deals with a lot of the companies in the area. And no i don't work there. :-) It is worth a tour though. good luck!

Chuck said...

I'm going thru the same thing. My problem was I was NEVER disciplined enough and now that I'm older I'm paying for it. Mainly it's the spare tire thing that gets me.