Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now It's a Family Project

Trusty cat Cleo went to the vet today and had to hear that hard news that she's overweight. So now kitty is on a diet. :-(

She's 12 pounds, but should be more like 10. Apparently cats of her build should only eat 200 calories a day, and one little Fancy Feast can is already 90-100 calories. Yowza! So she's gonna have to cut back on the treats, just like her mom.

And the vet's advice was that sometimes, when cats yell/cry for their food, sometimes all they're really craving is attention so it's better that you sit down and play with them instead of giving treats. And I said "Hmmm... sounds like you're trying to sneak some exercise in there." She laughed and fessed up to it!

So, wish kitty some luck at slimming down... she's 12, and we all know it's harder to lose weight as you get older!

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