Monday, February 23, 2009


This wasn't as good a week - and last night was the late-night Oscars wine-and-snacks celebration. So I'm not surprised I gained 1.5 on the scale. My doctor's appointment for my annual checkup is this Wednesday, so I know I'm gonna get lectured... but this will give me a new starting point to work on improving all of my stats. And man, I'm tired this morning. It's so hard to stay up late!


DC Food Blog said...

We're so lucky being here on the west coast where the Oscars end at 9:30 am.

ebook said...

Thought you'd be inspired by this-- Jillian Michaels (trainer on "The Biggest Loser") is coming to DC for a womens' conference.

You may want other blog followers to know about the event. You can see more details at