Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's a New Year!

And I'm back to the cause, mentally and I hope in action as well. I did weigh myself Monday morning and I'm proud to say that I did lose a pound over Christmas week. That's an achievement in and of itself!

I'm still in a place that I'm not happy about, and I feel the negative motivations of shame and guilt after spending all of last night going through old photos and seeing my yo-yo past. But, whatcha gonna do? It's a New Year, I'm equipping myself with new tools by learning more about nutrition, cooking, and overall food quality. And I just HAVE to make myself exercise.

I'm not making official resolutions, cuz they're way too easy to break and they hang over my head in negative ways, instead I'm just still looking at this as a positive journey of self-improvement. So, there you go... welcome to 2009, let's work to make it a good one!

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Laura P said...

I'm really proud of you. You have a great attitude and I know you will succeed... Should I tell you what I told myself on my blog this am -- it's a marathon, not a sprint!!!
You have already made some wonderful strides at living a healthier life... and way to go on the loss over Christmas!!!
You rock!
Happy New Year!