Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 1

I've done pretty well today, woohoo! It was tough going at a few points, but I've made it.

The biggest challenge? The saboteurs at work decided that it wasn't enough to bring in 3 different kinds of fudge, oh no. They also decided we needed a whole platter of bagels and cream cheese!!! Ack!

I resisted the fudge - even though there was peanut butter, my 2nd favorite kind (pumpkin being the 1st) - and I allowed myself 1/2 a bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. And I counted the points!

I was super-hungry by the end of the day and made my way to the grocery store. I got all good stuff, but about twice as much as normal! Note to self: next time, don't go hungry.

The important lesson I re-learned today? ***Don't waste your points on beverages.*** I used up SIX of my allowed points today on beverages - both orange juice and Starbucks. That's probably why I was so light-headed and hungry by late afternoon, I need to eat more solid food during the day and not waste it on liquids.

Okay, tomorrow's another day...!

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