Thursday, February 28, 2008

What a Nice Thing to Say!

I know, I've been terribly absent from the blog lately. That's cuz it's been a bad month for being on the wwwagon. With the festivities around my birthday, a generally elevated level of stress, and the cold weather, I've pretty much sucked at dieting lately. I stepped on the scale once and it was so disheartening that I jumped off.

But -- I'm back here posting now cuz I just had a great moment that reminded me how good it feels to do well on this whole dieting plan.

I was in the communal ladies room at work, and a coworker came in. I don't know this woman very well at all, but I've probably seen her almost every day for 4 1/2 years. We say hello and sometimes chat about the weather, but that's usually the extent of it.

I'm standing there washing my hands as she came in, and after saying hi she said "I've noticed something about you."

Hmmmm. Instantly my mind started running down all the possibilities of what could follow that up....

And then she said.... "You're getting smaller."

Wow! Instantly, my face lit up in a huge smile, and after thanking her we had a fun conversation about how hard it is to work on losing weight but about how we're both committing to trying. We bonded, and she made me feel great. So, even though I've really been a bad loser lately, it was motivating enough for me to take the long way to my lunch place and get something healthy instead of the cookie I was envisioning. Hooray!

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