Saturday, September 01, 2007

NW vs. the Gym

When I woke up early this morning, I planned to go down to the gym. But, in a happy turn of events, I decided to head out to the mailbox with my Netflix before going down to the treadmill. And that's how I learned that it was a gorgeous sunny September morn in DC, with a chill in the air and a lovely breeze. So, I skipped the gym and went for a walk in the neighborhood instead.

I really enjoy walking outside so much more than the boring machines. The city was sleepy and quiet this morning, and I decided to explore a bit of the 'hood north of my place that I don't usually visit. There are some stunningly beautiful quiet little streets along Connecticut, and the early morning is the perfect time to discover these quiet little nooks.

I tried to MapQuest my route to show you all, but turns out MQ doesn't like it when you walk the wrong way down one-way streets. They can't map a walking route if a car couldn't do the same. Ah well, I still clocked in 2.27 miles, which is more than I would have done in the gym. Not only do I prefer walking outside, I usually pick longer routes that keep me walking for more time than if I was just trudging on the treadmill.

Clearly, we have a winner! As we ease into fall, thank goodness, I'll be heading back out on the streets more often!


hammockbrain said...

I found this website you might want to look at, someone else fighting the weight battle.
Oh, regarding the tuna at Au Bon Pain, I have my own recipe, tuna packet like chicken of the sea, feta cheese and taboule.

Stef said...

Thanks, that is a good site. I'll keep checking her progress, too.

I've never tried those tuna packets - something about it makes me nervous, honestly, with fish sitting on the shelf like that. But I've heard good things, so I should probably give 'em a try.

hammockbrain said...

I also do the same thing with either leftover salmon (grilled some on Saturday) or buy packs of 4 at BJs