Thursday, August 16, 2007

Truckin' Along

I'm still here..... even while not posting, I'm still on the WWWagon. Things have been going pretty well - I'm now down 8.4 pounds from my official starting weight, which is really more like almost 12 pounds from my highest point (cuz I gained a few there after starting).

It feels good... every day still brings its challenges, like Restaurant Week with its desserts included and pasta nights with tomato cream sauce, but I'm managing to balance it all out. I track all my points in my little online journal, so I know to step it up after a bad day.

I'm still about the worst person ever about making myself exercise, but I know that and scold myself enough for it already. I'm drinking LOTS of water, and because I'm on a medication that leeches potassium (and means I shouldn't have alcohol), I have dr's permission to drink fruit juice. So I've had fun trying out different kinds - surprisingly, passion fruit juice wasn't all that.

The really good side benefit of all of this is that - finally! - I've now tried on the dresses I'll be wearing at the upcoming weddings, and I actually think I look cute in them! Hooray for not hating how you look! :-)

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